Nishi Rokugo Park (Tire Park)

nishi-rokugo-park-sculptureNishi Rokugo Park (Tire Park) is a must-visit park for anyone with kids. You'll find sculptures made of tires that the kids will clambour up, there are tire tunnels and tire mountains, tire tubing down concrete slopes, and of course tire swings that even parents will be able to fit in.

This is not a grassy park so you'll find it can get quite dusty. Don't let the kids wear their best clothes and bring plenty of wet wipes to clean up later.


1-6-1 Nishi Rokugo, Ota-ku

Tel: 03-3731-1811

Getting there

Train: 8 minutes walk from Zoshiki station (Keihin Kyuko line); 15 minutes walk from Kamata station (JR Kehin Tohoku, Tokyu Mekama, Tokyu Ikegami lines).

Car: Street parking is available.

Map of Nishi Rokugo Park


Tire swing at Nishi Rokugo Park.

Tire robot sculpture at Nishi Rokugo Park.

Tire tubing at Nishi Rokugo Park.